The Rolling Metamorphosis of Betcha

Evolution is a slow process. The metamorphosis from bands that play covers to those that create their own sound is one of the few processes we can watch with our own eyes. Betcha is in the midst of their own evolution as we speak. Mutating from their more traditional rock vibes to a fusion of indie-rock, they’ve mastered the art of entwining friendly and calming ambience into invigorating rock chords.

Press 1
Charlie Greene, Ben Booth, Taylor Dubray, Chase Wofford

After releasing their first single back in 2017, Betcha took two years to hone their sound before releasing their debut EP in September of 2019. During the time, the band has, “Developed our sound from a folk-rock influenced style to a much more alternative rock sound.”

When asked about their past year, 2019, they said, “We began the year still trying to establish exactly what “Betcha” was going to be as we had changed our name from Wilder in 2018 for legal reasons. But we experimented a lot with our writing process, focused on improving our live show, and growing our identity as a band.”

They continued by saying that, “Betcha is a group that creates music and forms an identity that transcends who we all are individually. Being a part of a band has always been a dream of ours of and we see ourselves as a unit working together to achieve our goals that hopefully impacts the lives of whoever is listening and experiencing our message.”

Looking towards 2020, the band said that their will be “Lots and lots and lots of music! That’s our goal for 2020.” With the evolutionary phases continuing to roll through Betcha musically, their next few release will be an interesting story of change and growth.

But the change won’t stop there or after this year, until Betcha is tearing up the charts, we will not know when their full transformation is complete. “Since day 1 our goal has always been to be the biggest band in the world, and with that as the ceiling we hope that we can land somewhere nearby. So far our biggest successes have been the little things: people singing words back to us at shows, traveling the country and doing what we love, and releasing music we all truly believe in,” they said.

For those existing fans or those just interested, “Come see us live this spring! We will be doing a full US spring tour and releasing two songs plus music videos to kick off 2020. We love meeting all of our fans after shows and can’t wait for everyone to hear our new music.”


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