Tim Riehm and The Real Musical World

Picture this: it’s the late afternoon on a sweltering summer day, a group of friends begin to stick to one another as they crowd around what fans they can find. As they drink for their life or their sanitary, whichever can be kept the longest, they talk. And talk and talk, from politics to that one crazy night on a deserted beach years ago, they tell each other stories of romance, loneliness, lust, and everything in-between. When one of the friends stands, abandoning his cozy corridor of swift-moving air, to sing his tale. None of the other friends blink an eye, but they begin to sway with him. This is the real musical world, less eccentric or choreographed than Broadway or Disney, but none the less conversational, this is Tim Riehm music.

Although Riehm was always interested in music, his artistic nature hadn’t fully presented itself until he picked up the guitar in High School. But it wasn’t until college that Riehm realized how passionate he was about his craft. As he struggled to juggle the fledging responsibilities of a bioengineering student and budding musician, Riehm was forced to choose which avenue would end-up making him happier. “If I was ready to sacrifice my GPA for my passion, I had to follow my heart,” Riehm said. After graduating, Riehm moved to Nashville to live-and-breath his music.

Live (2)Riehm has released one EP and one single since the move, not to mention his upcoming appearance on the “Hurts Being Human Tour.” Although 2019 was a productive year professionally and artistically, Riehm said that, “Most of the growth that marks the past year was done behind the scenes. Whether it was getting into more valuable co-writes or developing my own production and writing skills, most of what grew in 2019 were intangible. And, that’s really the story of musicianship for someone at my stage in a career: keep working on yourself, and once the big opportunities come, you’ll be ready for them.”

And you’ll be ready for the new year, Riehm kicked off 2020 with the release of his single, “Gimme A Little.” “Gimme A Little,” is the personification of our emotional baggage and the conversation that ensues between one’s logical side and their emotional. “Everyone has had one of those relationships that seems perfect on paper but has no real feeling—or vice versa. And, after you’ve gone through something that shakes your belief in love, it’s very difficult to reconcile what the heart and the head want,” Riehm stated. Every musical has a ballad moment, some turning point in the story where the emotional direction either shifts or is alleviated. “Gimme A Little,” is that crux.

Tim Riehm Spotify Page

For Riehm’s fans, he would like to say, “Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for listening to the music I put out! You’re truly the only reason I’m able to do what I do for a career.”

Also, if you’re coming out for Riehm’s tour, “Please come say hey after the show. It means the world that people can connect with my songs, so I’d love to hear your story and how our paths came together. So much love, and I’ll see you at one of these shows!”

“Hurts Being Human” Tour Dates

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