Mother Feather (Jan. 24th, 2020)

If you miss the heyday of rock and roll, smoked up corners of bars with sharp poems spit into mikes and as much makeup as their is alcohol, then Mother Feather is the band for you. An homage to Joan Jett and Kiss, all in one, is Mother Feather.

SAMSUNG CSCOriginating in New York City, Mother Feather has been hitting the stage for nearly eleven years. The idea came to Ann Courtney on a trip outside of the city in the late summer of 2009, she described it as a “Pop cock rock catharsis.”

It was an ambition to perform “Harnessed big feelings.” Only beginning to come to fruition when Elizabeth Carena, Courtney’s best friend and roommate at Fordham SAMSUNG CSCCollege, was enlisted for her keyboard and vocals accompaniment. With these rock souls entwined, the band began to fall in place in the coming months.

Within two years of the bands conception, Mother Feather released their first EP, titled after their namesake. Two EPs were released in the following two years after that. And three years later, in 2016, the hungry fans finally received what they were hoping for, a full debut album. Two years later, another album dropped. So to say that Mother Feather has been on a steady stream of production and creativity, is very accurate. To say that we may be due for a new release soon, hypothetical.

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Either way, if you get a chance to see Mother Feather live, you’re transported back through the ages of Rock and Roll, back to the beginning in 2020. Mother Feather is theatrical, to say the least. Remember Stevie Nicks fighting on stage with Lindsey Buckingham, Pete Townshend smashing his guitar mid-Who performance, or Courtney crowd surfing off-stage to end Mother Feather’s performance this past Friday night at Saint Vitus Bar?

SAMSUNG CSCThe energy they emit with every lyric, with every show-stopping second of choreography, the lyrics are just as Courtney originally imagined, “Pop cock rock catharsis.” My only wish is to see Mother Feather in a true acoustic venue, so I can really hear every note, strum, and lyric from the cheap-seats in the back. But sadly, that would take away from the essence of Mother Feather.


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