daysormay May Have More Than One Genre

Most bands can be defined by one of two ways: the genre or the sub-genre. daysormay defies that classification option in the boldest or most primal sense. Rather than keeping within boundaries or definitions, daysormay reminds audiences that music is about quality, not templates or discographies.

Lost in the snow somewhere, between slopes and mittens, Aidan Andrews, Carson Bassett, and Nolan Bassett not only found the music but seemed to have been frozen together. Since they were about 10 years old, “We just kinda got together after skiing and on the weekends and after school and play Green Day covers and punk songs. And that evolved into writing our own songs and wanting to be a real band,” Andrews said.

With one album and a single already available on streaming platforms, it’s safe to say that daysormay is already a “real band” if not well on their way there. But that’s no longer their measure of success, or sole ambition, now, Andrews says, “I think success is such a subjective thing. I think everyone has their own whole they would define as success, we really just want to get this in front of as many people as possible. And reach and connect with as many people as possible.”

daysormay Spotify Page

Andrews also hopes that they are, “Not just on the sidelines on important things in the world. I think we want to say something and change something, even if it’s just making someone’s day better.” And with a world turning on political chaos, burning through forests and fuels, waving goodbye at animals, cities, and ways of life, impactful commentary is what we’re all currently searching for.

A search that will, hopefully, be put to an end soon with the release of more work from them. “It’s kinda like a new collection for this band. I hope it would kinda show growth, that we’ve really changed as people,” Andrews said. 

When asked when our new music thirst could be satiated, Andrews estimates that in or around, “January, sometime in the new year. Things would probably be ready to go by then.”

Until then, there are 6 songs of varying flavors to appease one’s taste and interest. Whether your craving something on the traditional rock side or something with more folk influences, daysormay has you set. As Andrews puts it, “Genre was just never a thing we cared about. The music that has always been the most interesting to us is the stuff that drives us together, that makes us stop and look at each other, and is exciting, it’s, I don’t want to say controversial, it’s kinda out there and really in your face, unashamed to be and unafraid to be itself.”

Their view on genre is eerily similar to their take on life, as well as their advice to all of you. “It’s just do what you feel is the right thing to do, even if you’re not a musician or an artist or anything, because other people have a lot of opinions on what they think you should do with your life, or with your career, or how you dress or how you talk or whatever, they just are people going off their perception of you. The only person that knows you the best is you. I think, just trust your gut and trust what it’s telling you to do,” whether that be your preferred genre in music or preferred path in life, trusting one’s intuition will never go out of style and neither will daysormay.


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