Icon Army Tour

SAMSUNG CSCAriel said, “It had been a hot minute,” and she was right. The last time I saw Icon For Hire was at the Middle East Club in Boston, Election Day, 2016. Although a much needed distraction for that specific day, it’s been three years of needing a distraction with naught. To say they’ve been well-missed would not just be another one of my many understatements, but would be a tragic lack of representation for the Icon Family.

During the concert, Ariel acknowledged the power of their fans. Self-titled the ‘Icon SAMSUNG CSCArmy,’ they have made record labels inconsequential to a band’s success. Redefining the music industry through numbers, the Icon Army and fandoms alike could potentially put seasoned labels like Universal Music Agency and Warner Music Group out of business. Although not foreseen in the future quite yet, not unlikely all together. But, what actually makes this industry synopsis relevant is how the Icon Army hasn’t solely inspired a business practice but this tour itself.

The perfect mix of older favorites and newer hits, this concert should definitely not be missed. And since it rhymed, you know it’s true. With the added emphasis that it’s been a good three years since their last tour and who knows when they’ll next cross the country, this concert experience is incomparable.



Icon For Hire emits a hypnotic energy when they perform. Somewhere between charismatic and dramatization, you find yourself thoroughly entertained and thoroughly immersed in the action of it all. Singing to songs you may have not heard in years, cheering for the lucky ones on stage working hard to catch their breath, dancing with the strangers around you and working hard not to get hit by the thrashing hands, you’re a part of it all without ever considering joining in. It’s the spell of Icon For Hire, only made stronger by the Icon Army.

They may be a stronger reason to attend the concert, but that depends on who you askSAMSUNG CSC and what you’re looking for. Either way, I think it’ll lead you to their concert doors.

Icon For Hire Tour Date

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