Many artists are too scared to reach for the stars, to actually admit that they want it all, the infamy, the glory, the play-by-play on popular radios. Majozi is not one of those artists. Majozi is reaching for the stars.

If you haven’t heard of Majozi yet, give it a few months, you will. From Durban, South Africa, Majozi has crossed continents through his music. Just writing this article is proof of that. I, the writer and the listener, are sitting at a table in Boston, Massachusetts, North America. You, the reader and another audience member, are sitting on your couches, beds, desks, or tables around the world reading about this artist in an actual corner of the globe. So if you didn’t know about Majozi yet, I promise you will.

Majozi’s Spotify Page

Already a two-time nominee for the South American Music Awards, we can only say a win and further nominations are in Majozi’s future. Just as he has planned, “I would love to win a Grammy and perform all over the world with people knowing my songs, and with that be able to use my influence to help people in a more practical way. Success means nothing if you don’t use it to better the lives of people around you.”

Majozi’s passion for music began quite young. He said, “I use to be in the choir when I was in Primary school, so singing was always a big part of my life, but my real passion for music started when I picked up the guitar at 13. Then I learnt about how songs are made, songwriting, melodies, and everything in between. It was beautiful and I finally found something that I was actually good at. ha ha. Music become like a therapy for me. I worshipped through it, a made people laugh, with funny lyrics, and later I learned how to make people cry.”

Majozi’s Facebook Page

With that, Majozi writes music when the inspiration hits. Adding music to his muse and lyrics to the melodies, Majozi pushes through any struggles he has while writing. “I never like it to be to easy when I start. If its hard I like pushing through and learning during the process,” Majozi says.

Everyone’s purpose or inspiration comes from different aspects of their lives, famously being love or broken hearts, but for Majozi, it’s, “My faith is my true passion, and I really hope that people can connect to that through my music, without me having to force anything. I want people to know that no matter who they are or what they’ve done there is hope.”

Majozi’s YouTube Page

When asked what we, his fans, could expect from him in the near future, Majozi’s response was as promising as it was ambiguous. Majozi will be performing this year at Huawai KDay, a ten-day festival in Cape Town South Africa. He was also positive about the potential future trips or tours overseas and possible EPs being released soon.

But until that point, Majozi does have a message to his current and future fans, “Thank you so much for all the support over the years. Without you guys I wouldn’t be able to do all the amazing things that I get to do. Thank you for helping me live out my dream.”



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