How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran

Before talking more about this book, I need to confess something. It’s been a few months since I read it, August to be exact. I’ve just kinda let the story meld around in my brain through the fall, it’s a complex question to say the least.

How to be a woman is the question of how to deal with femininity when you don’t feel it, how to close your legs because you can’t trust others not to look, how to talk about sex, how to teach the goody parts of being a female, how to face children, how to go through this male dominated world.

What we hear from Caitlin Moran are her funny anecdotes through all these unknowns. I still remember her story about when she was a kid just starting to learn about sex, the natural instinct to hump things setting in. How great life was when the urge was so simple, just a child with her pants down.

Or when she got a bikini wax in high school and remember the stinging ind redness that she had never expected appeared. Or when she finally had children and her husband and her had to brainstorm a name to call her daughter’s vagina, because vagina is too mean sounding, too scientific. Her second bum? Her bum’s bum? Etc. etc.

Even in adulthood, men and woman don’t like using the term vagina, too mean sounding, too scientific. So we search for pussy. grasp for any other word, something more attractive, makes it sound less scary. But why does vagina sound scarier than penis? Is it because the society in which we live in is accustomed to penis, to saying and having their penis, that the thought of anything else is too off-putting. It’s just a vagina, ladies and gentlemen, you may need to introduce it to our patriarchy.

Which may takes years of uncomfortability, but if you need a good laugh, Caitlin Moran’s book is the perfect solution. It’s hysterical in a way that you probably have some of these horror Storie sin o\your past that you’ve just blocked from your memory. I promise that while you’re reading, they’re sure to come back. Be careful where you read this, bursting out in laughter and turning red from embarrassment is a common symptom of How To Be A Woman.

How do you be a woman?

I realize that this summary and review is quite lacking on specifics, so to explain, that is on purpose in effort to save some of these stories and instances for your reading. I think you’ll enjoy it more without knowing what’s coming, as it all was intended.

How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran gets 1987-orange-book1987-orange-book1987-orange-book1987-orange-book/ 5

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