It’s time to meet some one new.

More specifically, it’s time to meet a new band with their own sound. In just one year, three musicians had not only formed their own band but also their own sound, one that falls under the umbrella of alternative music. As they have titled it, Anthem Rock. A sound similar to the pace and tones of rock and roll with a heavy-beating chant measure to the lyrics, ergo, Anthem Rock.

As far as VISTA has come, according to Hope Vista, the lead vocalist, “this is the year that will be the most grinding.”

Hope Vista

Among the creation of Anthem Rock, VISTA has also produced a multitude of songs and offered numerous live performance opportunities for their growing fan base. Most recently, they opened on the Against the Current World Tour at Irving Plaza in New York City. Among the artists were also Beach Weather and CRUISR.

Greg Almeida, the lead guitarist in VISTA, refers to their performance with Against the Current as “a lot of fun. It’s also feeling very promising, we just want to keep the momentum rolling.”

For any band or musician, to complete one or many live performances, each one is an accomplishment worth recognizing. The same goes for each musical creation that comes to fruition, every musical step is the culmination of numerous smaller steps within that process. VISTA seems to be floating above all of the steps to success.

Matt Vlossak, the lead drummer in VISTA, shared that they have “all been through enough trials and failures in different bands from our past to know what it takes to be successful as well as how important friendship and communication is to get there.” After seeing them perform live, there is definitely a chemistry between the musicians, one that Hope swears occurred “naturally.”

As charismatic and entertaining as VISTA is on stage, there is an acoustic problem that only remedies itself with time. It takes many venues and many performances to find those perfect levels, most younger bands tend to share this problem. Although I could not hear exactly what the lyrics were or make out the harmonies, VISTA enticed me enough to look up other audios, which is all you can ask of a new band.

VISTA YouTube Channel

Entering this project, the VISTA musicians “agreed upon a set of goals for the band a few months back, and [their] heads were all in the exact same place with those ideas,” says Hope. In Matt’s view, they have “been very fortunate so far. But this is very small in terms of success in my eyes.” As far as they’ve come, they still have plenty far to go, Greg and the others would like to take VISTA “all the way to the top.”

VISTA Facebook Page

Currently, VISTA is working on there next EP, taking time to write more music that ensures that the audience, “feels something when listening,” as Greg puts it. With no clear and defined method on writing new music, other than full collaboration with each others’ ideas, they seem to be churning out singles and previews faster than most. They trust Hope when it comes to writing the lyrics, Greg in creating the chords, and Matt with formulating the rhythm to harbor such, so for VISTA, it seems trust is all they really need with one another.

To the already existing fans and ones to come, here is a message from each individual member of VISTA.

Greg: “We want you to feel something listening to our music. Hopefully its something awesome! Thank you all for you support so far. We’re gonna make things as dope as we can for y’all.”

Matt: “For the fans, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to listen to us; 3 kids who wrote these songs in a small room. We wouldn’t be here without you guys. And if our music inspires and motivates you to get out there and make a change in the world, then I can die happy knowing that. I hope you find some truth, love and hope within the lyrics and music.”

Hope: “Thank you so much for checking out our band if you have! We hope to see you on the road this year :-)”

Also, remember to keep your eyes peeled for their next EP, work is about to begin, and according to Hope, there is some sort of timeline in place.

Featured Image Photographer: Holly Turner

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