Talking as Fast as I Can From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (And Everything In Between)

I always joked that I came from a town similar to the dynamic of Sleepy Hollow, and, to my astounding surprise, a good portion of people had no idea what I was talking about. So I believe a quick summary is prudent for the understanding of this biography.

Gilmore Girls was first broadcasted in October of 2000. The show chronicled the life of a witty-fast talking mother and her equally fast-talking daughter. The mother, Lorelai, came from a well-off family in Connecticut with high-society restrictions. When she became pregnant at the age of 16, not only did she become more of an outcast within their social groups but also within her family. As a teen mom, Lorelai ran off with her new daughter to Sleepy Hollow. We join the Gilmore Girls 16 years later, after they have sprung roots in this tiny, nosy town. Rory, the daughter, and Lorelai are best friends and their life events become realistically dramatic, a true expression of life, and incredibly comedic. For the next seven years, we spent hours watching the Gilmore Girls navigate life in this wacky town, with familial pressures resurfacing, romance, and work. Together, they could accomplish anything, especially consuming new quantities of food and watching every movie ever made.

Viewers like I got enticed by Gilmore Girls every time it was on. Would Rory chose Harvard or Yale? When would Luke and Lorelai finally get together? How is the Dragonfly doing? Are Emily and Richard still married? Etc. etc. When the show finally ended, audience members had dedicated to watching 154 episodes. That is approximately 6,930 minutes of viewing time. And to many disgruntled audience members and tired actors, it wasn’t the true ending for the show. It wasn’t unknown to the actors and writers that they may not return for an eighth season. As much as they all loved the show, they were all exhausted from the experience and writers disagreements were making plot lines a tad problematic. So the finale for Season 7 tied up no loose ends and wasn’t the end they had all imagined for these characters, but was filmed to look similar to one.

So, when a reboot was announced, you can imagine that I was quite excited. I would finally get the answers and moments I had always wanted, to finally put these characters to rest in my head. What none of us could imagine, was the possible reaction for the actors to be asked after almost ten years to return to one of their earliest characters.

What Lauren Graham’s biography does is offer an inside look at production and storylines. We hear the beauty of finding the character you’re meant to play, the art of staying away from the headlines, how awkward reality tv shows really are, and the truth about romance in front of the cameras. Although familial backgrounds are different and life choices have varied, Lorelai and Lauren are one in the same.

Lauren is just as fast talking as Lorelai. Lauren shares ridiculous stories with her family from living on a boat in the caribbean when she was young to driving her drunk friends around at fifteen. And Hollywood is just as nosey as Sleepy Hollow is, they’re small, in-your-business-tell-me-everything worlds that they both share. When Lauren was heavily questioned about her romantic life on various talk shows and what an occupation dedicated to people of our own creation is like. It’s a fast-talking, quite comic, and down-to-Earth biography from Hollywood.

All that can be said after reading this novel is that you feel happy for Lauren Graham, for getting the Gilmore Girls ending she has always wanted, the romantic life, what other shows brought to her, how her family reacts, and for offering us some life lessons.

Talking as Fast as I Can From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (And Everything In Between) receives ♥♥♥♥♥

You all should also watch Gilmore Girls and A Year in the Life, classic family comedy never goes out of style.


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