Please Retire Bublé and Carey

With the clarity of hindsight and a critical ear, let’s review the last holiday season. If you are like most people, then every shop you frequented, every station you tuned into, and every advertisement you heard was an auditory assault of Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé. As surprising as it must sound to all of you and to most shopkeepers, most artists have if not complete Christmas or Holiday albums but at least release a select holiday song every year or so. So in all reality, why are we listening to only two artists?

Here are some artists you could be listening to next year. Remember, it’s only 361 days to Christmas, is your holiday playlist ready?

Singer No. 1: Bess Rogers


If you could feel sound, Bess Rogers is the sun when you walk out of the cool shade. Her voice is just happy, a mesh of major chords that clamor well on average tempos. An artist to not only add to your Holiday List but possibly your favorite coffee shop playlist.

As a musician, she is fairly unknown by the general public. Less than 2,000 subscribers on YouTube and similar numbers for her Spotify listeners. For an unknown hit on any playlist.

Little Saint Nick – Bess Rogers

Bess Rogers – Spotify Profile

Singer No. 2: Holly Conlan


With more of a minor, sultry voice, Holly Conlan would be a visceral add to your holiday playlist. As an artist, Holly’s vocals favor towards authentic; rich in recording. Currently, Holly only has one Christmas song released, but with her popularity ever on the rise, a Christmas album may be in the near holiday future.

With over 32,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and a YouTube page in double digits, keep tabs on her.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas – Holly Conlan

Holly Conlan – Spotify Profile

Singer No. 3: Elvis Presley



I doubt anyone who is reading this needs me to remind them of the legendary singer, dancer, lover, and all around charismatic heartthrob of Elvis Presley. Even though he wasn’t of ours or this time period, music has yet to move on or find a replacement for the tenor he left in the community. So let’s stop dancing around it, add his Christmas album to your playlist. If you’re gonna listen to Blue Christmas, shouldn’t it be from the expert; the professional?

Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley (Live)

Elvis Presley – Spotify Profile

Singer No. 4: Jillette Johnson


This artist may require a bit of an introduction still. Releasing her debut album in 2014, since then, Jillette Johnson infrequently performs in small venues. Assuming from social media, that Jillette is currently working on new music, she has released a single Christmas song for the last two holiday seasons. For the perfect, understated sound for your holiday playlist.

River – Jillette Johnson

Jillette Johnson – Spotify Profile


Singer No. 5: Frank Sinatra



His smile is all the introduction you all need, nothing else needs to be said. Other than, you’re listening to Bublé, why not listen to the original?

Jingle Bells – Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra – Spotify Profile


Cover drawn by Solomon Swerling. Follow his art Instagram

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