Coasts, not a common name among radio stations, but quite common among friend group. People have heard of Coasts, listened to Coasts, haven’t hated Coasts. So they’re not dead, but they’re not necessarily on the incline either.

Let’s break them down for a moment. A five-member band from Bristol, England, Coasts definitely knows how to fake-it before they make-it.

Coasts Website

Even their website, very well-made for a band of their level and caliber. Photos of bad boys with serene cliffs in the back, contrasting their dark auras, a prettier and more efficient website than bands consistently on the radio.

I knew of Coasts before I went to their concert. I wasn’t too intrigued, but figured I’d give them a chance. Their music wasn’t horrible, they may persuade me with their stage presence. A stage presence of forty-five minutes late and ignoring the small collection of audience members that gathered to hear them.

Coasts Facebook Page

I guess it goes without saying that I was not fan of their attitude to say the least. But let’s break down their musicality. They have everything to make them great, but nothing to make them, them. Music is like a signature. It’s all about how you craft and loop the notes and with what instruments and people you circle in. Coasts has yet to make them Coasts. We listen to music and identify the artist by the vocals, the genre, everything auditory. People can pick out Barbara Streisand because of that voice. Mayday Parade by that sound, it’s unlike any other. It has all the same things Coasts though, an all boy band, male vocals, guitar, drums, and bass. I couldn’t tell you what the Coasts signature looks like though.

“Oceans” – Coasts

I can’t like a band if I don’t know their signature and how it plays into mine. And now I’m more turned off from discovering their signature after the Boston Concert. To win me over, have a sound and be humble. Like all of human nature, we’re attracted and appease humility. Don’t expect it, and success is not a check list. Especially in an artistic field. Coasts, find your sound and so gratitude.

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