Knox Hamilton

I have a trick question for all of you. What does Boots Copeland, Cobo Copeland, Drew Buffington, and Taylor Flynn all have a common?

Knox Hamilton Facebook Page

Think about it for a moment. Not names. Not facial hair. Or hair in general. Not body type or names. So what is it that bands these four band members together?

My guess, they grew up together. From Little Rock, Arkansas, Knox Hamilton is currently on tour with the English band, Coasts, and Symmetry. I saw them in Boston while touring, and before I expand on their musicality, let me just say, they were the only ones on point. Only ones on time, and quite frankly, I think the only ones that actually checked the acoustics before playing. They sounded amazing.

To start, they released music independently, for friends and family. Not expecting too much to come from it. All of them are college graduates and formerly, real time adults with stable jobs. They tried to push their music to the side. Obviously, it didn’t work. No worry though, “Work it Out” ranked 18 on Sirius XM Alternative charts. A proud result of a deal formed between the band and Prospect Park in 2014. Either way, I think Knox Hamilton has joined the ranks of successful musicians, does that count as being an adult?

“Work it Out” ~ Knox Hamilton

They’re definitely seasoned musicians who have learned their strengths and how to play into them. There is a balance between all of the instruments. Nothing is outshining another, instead, their highlighting each instrument when it suits the song. Vocals are highlighted in the chorus, as most catchy choruses try. Guitar shining through during the verses, keeps the tune and ambience of the piece going in between chorus times. And the drums leading for entrances to the chorus and introduction to the piece. While the bass shapes the notes played, giving them a full, complete sound. Making it whole, if you will.

There is something very complete about the way they sound. Listening is like when you watch those satisfying videos where everything falls into place perfectly. Think of that in acoustic matters.

If you’re interested in checking them out, maybe see them in concert. Although my concert experience with them wasn’t great, they were, it could have been a fluke.

Knox Hamilton Tour Dates

I have another mystery for you all to think about while listening: where did the name ‘Knox Hamilton’ come from?

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