Lady Mechanika In Tablet of Destinies

Let’s revisit the land of electronics and mechanics with my favorite dashing, heroically-confused female lead in a comic: Lady Mechanic. Fresh from her origin stories, Lady Mechanic is now solving the cases and confusions of others in her Steampunk world.

In the first couple of volumes, Lady Mechanika is up against the German army, trying to save two colleagues, keep track of a child being used as leverage in this scheme for knowledge, and manage to find their way out of the Sahara Dessert without a map or compass or bottle of water. Enough plot points and drama ticks to keep your interest?

I don’t want to reveal too much. But let’s put it down a list. Plot, check. Visuals, check. Characters, check. Writing, check. What else do you all need. For me, I’m quite pleased.

8 out of 10 stars to Lady Mechanika In Tablet of Destinies. A 10/10 can only come from a perfect, complete series.

Lady Mechanika Website

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