“Lemonade” – Beyoncé Visual Album

Simply put, this is the most thorough album to date. Not just of Beyoncé’s, but of every art in mankind. Outrageous yet completely true.

Lemonade – Visual Album (Full)

There are Beyoncé fans, like me. And then there are die-hard-she-can-do-no-wrong-worship-the-ground-she-steps-on-and-words-she-speaks fans, unlike me. There are people who completely hate Beyoncé and audience members waiting for that classic throwback. No matter where you land on this scale, you can’t disagree that this album is thorough. Every little detail is taken into consideration. Any question I had while watching the visual album was answered just a short period later. This is an album with elements insanely personal made global, historical, and accounted for every person who happens to watch or listen to the beautiful mixture of Spoken Word Poetry, Rap, and Singing. I can find no wrong with this album.

That being said, I know my next line is going to anger some. I think it goes without saying that Beyoncé ha been floundering a bit lately. As audience members, we didn’t really know why or where it would lead or what the cause was.

This album was the answer to why she lost her identity, where these un-meaningful songs arose from, what she’s been dealing with, and where she’s going now. The relationship aspects are still unknown and I respect Beyoncé for putting everything out there, for finding herself publicly. Something quite unlike her previously, that I respected for her then.

I’ve had my own personal theory about Beyoncé and Jay-Z recently. A marriage lasting 8 years and a relationship lasting longer, they have always been private about their personal afflictions. Almost immediately after Blue Ivy Carver (2012) was born, their relationship became more public. Outings, projects, all around we saw them more so than we had ever saw them together previously. My theory is as follows, that they were creating a scene of romance for their daughter to see when she’s older. And perhaps they were, to hide these cheating and painful times.

No matter the reason, Beyoncé has come to understand something many celebrities struggle with. The balance of private and public. A public figure, a private human. Public projects, private life. Public versus private. But one must pay homage to the public aspect as well. One’s position in life is based off the public aspects, happiness is found from one’s private decisions.

Respect your audience, you owe them answers and levels of explanations. Find the boundaries that build the walls of your sanity, that is the level of separation to stable walls. 

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