I have a joke to start this review: Symmetry and all that is asymmetrical. Not too funny?

Symmetry is a rock band. Composed of four artists, they’ve taken the U.K. by some storm and are now trying to gain the American Attention. Currently they are on tour with Coasts and hit Boston, Massachusetts only three days ago. Check to see if you can catch a tour stop near you.

Symmetry Website

I had never listened to Symmetry prior to the concert and to be completely honest, the concert didn’t leave me with the best impression of any of the artists. The concert started an hour late and just got later and later from then on.

I didn’t write them off however, although, I was an annoyed audience member standing in the small crowd of Brighton Music Hall. This boy rock band hails from Los Angeles, California. The lead vocalist, Mike Campbell, is a force to reckon with on stage, backing up and charging the edges to toy with the audience members. Then there is Jared Hara, the lead guitarist for Symmetry, which confused me on first sight. He didn’t toy with any of the audience members, didn’t look around, or even down at his guitar to check his fingering. Mike brought Jared up on stage and checked on him throughout the performance with a comforting hand on his shoulder. Only through some research did I discover that Jared is blind, he lost his sight at 12 years old. The same age he picked up the guitar and started playing. Kudos to Jared and the rest of the band for promoting music within the ‘restricted’ community. On to the other artists, Max D’anda, is another great star from the band. I noticed him during the concert. A percussionist that can sing, that’s a rarity. Will Weiner I consider to be the salesman of the group, his friendly personality in the rock band, although contrasting in setting, is quite a sales pitch.

Symmetry YouTube Page

Simply, they were good. I hope their sound evolves a bit more to make them great. What holds me from bopping my head to their music is really the balance of acoustics. The guitar chords are great, but they completely overshadow everything else that is going on. It’s not necessarily a quick fix to perfection however, they can’t just lower the volume of the guitar chords because then they background noise will just make clarity of the music hard to understand as well.

What needs to happen is a balance, where the base and percussion can be heard. From the parts I managed to hear, those sounds really brought the music to life and added a complex level of harmony to the vocals. If the guitar could follow the base, create chords that aren’t pounding or plucking either, but really highlighted all the instruments within the band, then Symmetry will really fly off the charts.

Perhaps if the guitar had some similar strumming patterns and volumes of the base.

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