We Are the In Crowd

A band that has gone quiet for months has recently sprung back to life making headlines and plans for the future. Is the much awaited return of We are the In Crown finally here?

We Are the In Crowd Facebook Page

Let’s take it back for a moment, to a time before the hiatus, the time of 2010, when five unknown musicians rallied together. They were the In Crowd.

Taylor Jardine (26 years old), John Eckes (29 years old), Mike Ferri (28 years old), Rob Chianelli (28 years old), and Cameron Hurley (25 years old) are the members of the We Are the In Crowd.

June 8th, 2010, Guaranteed to Disagree EP was released. By 2011, the band had created their first full-length album, Best Intentions. Reaching #30 on Rock Sound’s “The 51 Most Essential Pop Punk Bands of All Time” list and at #10 on UK’s alternative chart. Quite some success for a debut album. In February of 2014, Weird Kids, their second full length album was released, this time, through Hopeless Records. Weird Kids reached about the same level of success, peaking at #45 on Rock’s Sound “Top 50 Albums of the Year” list and reaching #22 on Kerang!‘s  “The Top 50 Rock Albums of 2014” list.

The music video, however, was a bit more successful. We Are the In Crowd released the video for their single, their head-honcho song, The Best Thing, three months prior to the release of their album. Coming in at exactly 2, 781, 922 views on YouTube. Of those views, 34 thousand likes and only 509 dislikes. That’s quite a YouTube success.

The Best Thing – We Are the In Crowd

Here’s a breakdown of the events occurring at the moment.

August 2014 – We Are the In Crowd went on tour with Don Broco.

February 2015 – Video announcement that work on the third full-length album will soon begin.

May 2015 – Band members tweeted the completion of the third full-length album.

February 10 2016 – Band going on hiatus to focus on Taylor’s vocal skills. The band members of We Are the In Crowd, excluding Rob Chianelli and Jordan Eckes, were all accompanying the move.

As of late, the band released a note explaining their changed focus and announced their non-denominational Christmas tour. Only a few cities are being hit, perhaps yours is one of them.

Non-Denominational Christmas Tour Dates

I doubt we’ve heard everything we’re going to from them and a lot of projects and news will be making headlines soon. Keep watching , I’m sure there is more to come!

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