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I hope you all have your passports ready, for this review, we’ll be traveling around for just a bit.

Our first destination is Bombay, India (currently known as Mumbai). For 8 years, Jordan Ray traversed the culture ridden streets, picturesque with architecture from empires ago and stories that filled our history books. Take in the sights. Inhale the colors that dust the streets from rare fabrics chiming in the sun and heat to the spices that you can taste in the air, read up the ledges and decor of the Taj Mahal and other grand venues that litter blocks after blocks of citizens and tourists. Jordan Ray begins here.

Our second destination is Ontario, Canada. From here, Jordan Ray would experience the complexities of the world, beginning to see the sights as a child and living through them as an adult. Unlike many rapper profiles, this one is not riddled with tragedy after tragedy, but normalcy after normalcy, perhaps pleading to a connection with ones audience instead of sympathy and hard-hitting truth. Offering a spoonful of life and anecdotes about society without shoving the horrors down our throat or limiting the audience by the issues at hand.

“In my family on my dad’s side there is an unwritten rule that everyone must know a musical instrument,” which led to Jordan Ray picking up the drums at age 10. The guitar was flirted with as well during Jordan Ray’s youth, but when “I started rapping though, everything else was placed on the back burner”.

Jordan Ray is 22, a mixture of Portuguese and British infused into his mostly Indian heritage, he has recently received his degree in Marketing from Sheridan College in Mississauga and is now pursuing a path in nursing. Jordan Ray is keeping busy to say the least, “I’m doing music, work two jobs, going to school, have a girlfriend, play on a basketball team and so much more. I love it though, knowing that I’m keeping myself busy at all times and doing positive things”.

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When asked about his music career, Jordan Ray had this to say, “I’ve always been looked at as more of an underdog when it came to Hip Hop. So that always made me want to prove myself, show my confidence in my ability on the mic, as well as my aggression”. Like all musicians, Jordan Ray is still learning and evolving as an artist.

Eminem was Jordan Ray’s first icon, his musical role model. As time has gone on Drake, J Cole, and Childish Gambino have joined the ranks. Now, Jordan Ray is experimenting, creating beats of his own and occasionally doing collaborations with local artists and through connections of New Orleans, New Jersey, and California, where all the greatest rappers grow from.

When sitting down to create, Jordan Ray tends to draw on his own personal experience. Building upon the events he’s been through. However, if he wants to bring light to a topic or subject matter, Jordan Ray will ‘paint a picture’ as it were to make a point. After scribbling through draft after draft and all the edits in-between, Jordan Ray searches for a beat. One of his own volition or one of his finding. With such a practice and method, Jordan Ray is dropping his own original singles and remix after remix, so make sure to stay tuned.

In the next coming months and years, you may be asking what will we expect to see from Jordan Ray. In my humble opinion, I can foresee Jordan Ray becoming a fusion rapper. One with beats from a wide variety of sub-genres. When listening to Jordan Ray on SoundCloud, other than hearing the clear and pristine annunciation of lyrics, you can also hear the respectful towing of lines between beats more so meant for clubs and R&B while fusing poetic lyrics. Once the beats mix, it will add an extra layer of complexity to the songs he has created and are currently working on. And when that happens, I will be eagerly awaiting for his next single, so stay tuned on SoundCloud! A fusion rapper is blossoming.

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To all of Jordan Ray’s existing and budding audience members, here is a message for you, “Stay with me, believe in me, and support me. I’m hungry for success and I know the path I am on is not the easiest in life, but with their support and through the will of God, I know that anything is possible”.

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