We the Kings

In honor of Spring and the impending heat waves, here’s a band you can scream to your lungs content when speeding down the highway, an eclipse of hair from the funneling wind and a halo from the sun. This is your feel good, sing loud and proud, and bounce your knees with every thump of the drums band. We the Kings, I have personally listened to for about two to three years, but it’s always in the summer. Winter I’m too dreary and depressed to hear the beats of a heart and the trill of the guitar.

“Sad Song” We the Kings Ft. Elena                                                     “Art of War” We the Kings

Travis (Vocalist), Hunter (Guitar), Charles  (Bass), Danny (Drums), and Coley (Keys) are the kings of Bradenton, Florida. From Here To Mars or From Florida to Everywhere, We the Kings music is spreading. Currently, From Here to Mars is the tour We the Kings is traveling on. Tomorrow they will be playing in Baltimore and travel through the East Coast for the rest of the week. Sadly, I was and have been unable to acquire tickets for their show in Boston at the Brighton Music Hall on March 25th. I’m not giving up though, each day I check, but every girl has her price limit. The link is just below if you’re interested in checking out any performances local to you.

We the Kings Tour Dates and Tickets

A combination of Rock, Powerpop, and Alternative, their high energy music and well-written lyrics are intoxicating to say the least. Lyrics will stay stuck in your head for days and flourish as the weather brightens. In 2007, they released their first album We The Kings by We the Kings. Smile Kid in 2010, Sunshine State of Mind in 2011, Somewhere, Somehow in 2013, Strange Love in 2015, and most recently, The Story of Tonight in 2016. Although not a full album, just a song to be exact, it is the most recent creation of We the Kings and the center of their current tour.

“The Story of Tonight” We the Kings Tour Video

Everyone needs some summer artists and tracks, for those road trip blaring and screaming vocals with friends. If you’re in need for more or just interested in some music, I highly recommend checking out We the Kings, will not disappoint.

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