Simple Plan

Five musicians–Pierre Bouvier, Chuck Corneau, David Desrosiers, Sebastian Lefebrve, and Jeff Stinco–have turned in and out of each others lives for close to twenty years, like planets with a gravitation pull, a musical orbit. Since 1999, Simple Plan has been washing over the states from Montreal, Quebec.

Simple Plan Website

In three short years, Simple Plan would release their first album, No Pads, No Helmets….Just Balls to hungry audiences. Before the complete album was released, four singles were made public before. No Pads, No Helmets….Just Balls went platinum twice and sold approximately two million copies. Not bad for a debut album.

Two years after that, Still Not Getting Any…, their second album, was released on October 26th, 2004. Within the first week, it sold over one hundred and thirty thousand copies and reached #3 on the US Billboard 200.

In 2008, Simple Plan released another album, Simple Plan, seen as a divergence from their normal sound (kinda ironic considering the album and band are named the same). Although different, Simple Plan, was the Juno Award for the Album of the Year.

Fast Forward to 2011, June 21st to be exact, Get Your Heart On!, the fourth album by Simple Plan, is released. An 11-track album of pop punk and alternative rock and everything in-between reached the normal critical acclaim Simple Plan has had before. A pattern of churning out singles and records, creative products that have been run over and over again, ensuring perfection for their audience members.

Sprinkled between album releases and tour dates, Simple Plan has released numerous singles, also reaching their natural acclaim, and created the Simple Plan Foundation. The Simple Plan Foundation is focused on their audience members, the age group at least. Teenagers to adults, easing the transition and aiding creative outputs as well as creating and maintaining a happy and healthy mentality and psyche.

Simple Plan Foundation

If you’re interested in hearing the voices behind those good old Disney movies, Cheaper by the Dozen, and everyone’s favorite talking dog, Scooby Doo, I suggest checking them out. Especially since a majority of people reading this, we’re not kids anymore, but we can pretend.

“I’m Just a Kid” Simple Plan Music Video

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