Uganda Be Kidding Me by Chelsea Handler


When there’s a book and a Netflix special, what to do, which to choose?

I’ve seen the Netflix special, funny but not her best comedically. Her book, entertaining, still not the best. Having seen the Netflix special, I knew all the stories of Chelsea’s Africa trip in a more condensed version, which I believe spoiled the stories in the more expanded literary version for me.

So, if you are going to read this, don’t watch the Netflix special. It’s just too redundant for my taste.

Or watch the Netflix special and see Chelsea Handler explain to a huge crowd of people how she shit her pants on a beach in Hawaii in a very severe sense. Shit everywhere, in a kayak, bikini, sand, and sea. Imagine the next poor fellows who come across the stench and the mess in their bare feet and less than covering clothing, may be too slow to avoid the disgusting massacre.

In my opinion, Chelsea Handler’s Uganda Be Kidding Me gets 3 out of 5 stars. Mediocre, not poor nor great.

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