Kurt Hugo Schneider


This music post is going to be a bit drastic from the rest. Unlike my others who are artists with record deals and so on and so forth, this one is an artist, yes, but also a YouTube personality.

Kurt Hugo Schneider, who I can only assume to be a prodigy by some level, for the amount of different instruments I have watched him play is ridiculous, and have an ear of gold. For he takes popular covers, such as Bad Blood, Maps, Love Yourself, Hotline Bling, even Adele’s new Hello, and makes them better. I probably just offended many different artists by saying that, but I stand by it. Songs that already sound perfect and complete to the vast majority of us, he takes them and recreates them into something, that I find, to be better than the original. Disagree with me if you want, but I thoroughly enjoy his versions more than the originals.

It’s possible that the reason is because of the level of complexity he adds to the new music makes it more of a tantalizing experience. He takes one artist songs and splits them into duets, and somehow, these one sided songs have an extra layer of conversation. As though I’m ease dropping on this precious interaction between two people. He adds rhythms and all types of instruments from harps to bells to simple shakers. And all together, it just works.

His YouTube videos, which are quite well done and entertaining, tend to have millions of views on them. But when I try to tell someone about him, his name gets lost in the fog of their mind. I find the only way for people to truly understand what I am talking about is to send them the link to his channel. Which I will also do here, down below at the end of this post.

On his channel are also some of his own originals which are quite good as well. I tend to ramble on more about his ability to transform music like that, because that is a skill I admire quite a bit. I can say, to this day, I tend to binge watch his Bad Blood and his Maps.

Another incredible thing about his channel is he brings in numerous different artists to be featured in his videos, so you’re not only discovering a new form of the song but you are also discovering a new artist. And who doesn’t like discovering a new artist as well?

Kurt Hugo Schneider YouTube Channel

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