Yes Please! by Amy Poehler

This could be my late night self talking or my awake self talking, but Yes Please! by Amy Poehler is hysterical and an entertaining read.

I do not know how many of you out there are Audible fans, or even know what Audible is, but I easily recommend it. Audible is an online source for audiobooks, and if you have a subscription, every month they give their members a credit, which can be used to purchase any book, no matter the size, and download them onto your listening device. Personally, I find the subscription to be economically beneficial, instead of paying for each book, I always have credits. Listening to books takes hours and hours and hours, and who has that much time? so I only end up paying for the subscription itself, never the books themselves.

For books like these, celebrity readings, I find they are best heard from the authors and celebrities themselves. They know how each line is to be read, how each joke is supposed to be punched, when to pause and when to rush. When the voice rises and the voice lowers.

With Amy Poehler reading, this book is just too funny to listen to while in museums. Believe me, I tried. I got looks from Security Guards from my random smiling and giggles.

Yes Please! by Amy Poehler gets 5 out of 5 stars.

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