The Time in Between by María Dueñas

I’ll admit right now, I know that my literary flavor is an acquired taste. I love historical fiction. It’s educational without being a textbook. I hope that phrase didn’t put anyone off.

The Time in Between by María Dueñas is one of my favorite historical fiction books as of this moment. Which says a lot, if you ever look at my library. I would say at least three fifths of my library is made up of historical fiction books. I’ve traveled from Medieval England to the Renaissance in Italy to the Spanish Civil War with María Dueñas.

A young girl with one skill and one skill only, sewing. Taught by her mother and her boss, she lives a sheltered life in Madrid. When the war breaks out, unbelievable truths come to light that alter her life forever. (Out of fear of revealing too much, I shall keep quite about at least the first secret). When love and someone else’s ambition take her to Tétouan. Leaving her one and only home, including her family, back in a war-torn zone, she finds herself alone, sick, penniless, and on the run from a economical burdens.

Starting once again from scratch, she must build up her person, her character, and her passion for fashion in what still seems like such a foreign area. What would she do about her mother? What about the loves she let lie? The budding friendships? The politics and policing she’s only starting to understand?

I give María Dueñas’ novel, The Time in Between, 5 stars. I fully recommend this book to any historical fiction aficionados or avid readers looking to break into the genre.

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