White Noise by Don Delillo

Spoiler Alert:

You can’t really talk about this book without referencing everything in it. So let the rambling begin. Maybe I’ll even reach a new level of Rambling. Level Up!

Jack. Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack. You’re a professor. You’re supposed to give questions to your students or answer some of theirs. By God, you ask every question in the book, then you get answers that are questions. No wonder you’re out of your mind. Your son can take credit for some of that.

“What day is it?”

“In this present time, future time, or past time.”

“What day is it in this present time?”

“In what universe?”

“What do you mean what universe? Our universe. The only one you live, drink, and eat in!”

So on the world spins, you can almost see Jack’s head grow in confusion and mental notes of no use.

The one person Jack always listened to, wasn’t himself, but Murray. His best bud, for drinking, contemplating the universe, and pushing Jack off the sanity cliff. Jack eats every word Murray says as though he were starving for more every time he utters a word. Murray suggests this, Jack does this, Murray suggests that, Jack does that, and once again on the world spins.

My theory is that Murray wears hypnotizing glasses.

Babette. Babette, Babette, Babette, Babette, Babette. I was all high-and-dandy for you in the beginning. But, I grew to dislike you. Not as much as Jack, but dislike none the less. I don’t mind what you did, using your body to get what you want. Let’s be brutally honest, women are already at a disadvantage in the world, and who am I to say that they can’t use themselves in any way they would like to get ahead. What I am pissed off about is Babette’s mind.

Babette, wouldn’t sirens be going off in your head when Willie Mink agreed to the low down deal you made?

Babette, wouldn’t sirens be going off in your head when Willie Mink held you to the deal?

Babette, wouldn’t sirens be going off in your head when Willie Mink said your memory problem was from fear? Even you know that’s not right. You’re not a doctor, but come on, you don’t need a P.H.D. to label someone as a sleaze ball. As humans we are born with ingrown sleaze ball detectors in us to allow for the most efficient and sleaze ball free life. Come on, you only have one shot. (Something Babette and Jack are quite aware of). Why invite a sleaze ball in? Once you do, they don’t leave. As though they were squatters, they stay, they hoard, they grow, and they piss you off. Don’t allow them to create a nook into your life.

Jack and Babette, I’m sorry to have this news but, you ‘re having a midlife crisis. Ever hear of therapy? That’s when psychologists sit you down, break down what you say, and reconstruct healthier answers. Jack I’m sorry but, Murray is not a psychologist. If anything, he’s the anti-psychologist. He’s the guy psychologists fear. Murray stuffed Jack with questions he wasn’t prepared for, couldn’t handle, and obsessed over. Murray is the psychologist’s greatest fear, greatest enemy, and the representation of most of the world.

Murray is the media. Since apparently there is no media in their small town.

For one quick second, I would like to construct a letter to Don Delillo about this tangent.

Dear Don Delillo,

Excuse my frankness, but why is their no media in the small town? Considering everything that has happened to the town, the paparazzi and news monopolies would be rich. Adding some rich media P.I.s’ would be some very interesting characters to have Jack and Heinrich converse with in the food market. Wouldn’t it also add to the metaphor of people as overly gullible? Believing anybody with a college document says about this or that? Believing whatever the media sells?

Thank You,

Caitlin Rambling

And once again, bringing people to the search for the fountain of youth? Babette is Marco Polo for the fountain of youth, Jack is the perceptual doubtful but hopeful Republican, and Murray is the Democrat leaving hopeful crumbs for Jack to pick up in their arguments.

How would you describe their relationship? How would you change the book? What does the book mean to you? Have you read the book? Will you read the book?

This book is endless references and endless metaphors. But, what I take away is truthfully seen better in that upcoming movie Divergent. Do not let your fear stop you! Do not let your fear take control! Do not forget about your fear! Do not be in denial about your fear! Do not end up like Jack!

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