Welcome to Books In Your Backyard’s New Home

Books In Your Backyard has finally moved from Google Blogspot to WordPress. I know, I know, finally. But I wanted to make sure this was perfect before the actual social media switch. Being on a medium more densely populated than Google’s, I wanted to make sure we started out on the right foot.

So here are the things you should know, I have applied all the posts from Google to WordPress so no one has to change web pages to see a review I’ve already done.

If you like my reviews, recommendations, summaries, lists, and quests follow my blog, they’ll be more posts coming out soon.

Some posts ask my readers questions, and by all means comment down below with the answer, every opinion deserves to be herd.

The categories of my blog are Author Reviews, Book Reviews, Holiday List, Literary Quest, and Update!.

So I hope you like my blog and I promise the posts that are coming.

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