I see people are reading this blog, which shocks me to my very core, especially considering that the number remains up even when I haven’t posted or gone on the offensive of publicity in quite some time. So I feel the need to explain myself to this void.

First off, I apologize. I haven’t kept up this blog with the books I have read, so stay tuned because they’ll be coming quickly and feverishly. Make sure not to read this blog for too long, you’ll get sick with the feverish posts (Mu Hu Haw Haw).

Anyway, below is a list of books that will be coming, in no particular order than the top of my memory.

1. Beloved

2. The Stranger

3. Metamorphosis

4. The Things They Carried

Secondly, I also have been hoarding books for the time I would devour them all one by one in a literary feeding frenzy. So they’ll be a lot of surprises as well.

Third off, don’t feel scared to comment. Agree, disagree, will you read it, will you hide from it, or make any suggestions you feel I should or should not read. The comment bar is there a wise female created it for us all to share our thoughts and feelings. My theory is that she was a sharer, talker, perhaps even a genius turned politician. I don’t know.

Hold onto your bookmarks, here comes the page turning storm of a century.

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