The Wild Rose by Jennifer Donnelly

London, 1914, women’s rights, exploration, and World War I all circulate through the craving pages of The Wild Rose by Jennifer Donnelly. This book follows more closely to the intermingling lives of Willa Alden and Seamus Finnegan. In the early books of this trilogy  we followed more closely with Seamus’s family, like his older sisters mad drive to vengeance and immense happiness, along with his older brothers way to sanity in a legal lifestyle. The Finnegan family has been through terrible tragedies in their youth of parental and sibling death, then fleeing their homeland for safety. But, that’s not where their trouble ends, as Seamus grows up and becomes a renown explorer so does his childhood friend Willa Alden. She becomes a famous mountain climber always wanting to be the first to the top, but Seamus never imagined he would be up there with her. Or that the climb would not just be some physical feat but an emotional tug between them as well. But, because of their accomplishment on that mountain they lost what they had just gained, each other. Through this part of their lives they try to stay distant, never forgiving, in love or incidents. But through their many pains and history they help change the world while they themselves do as well. Growing together with their new families, and new misgivings.

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