The Time in Between by María Dueñas

A grown up story for grown up people or young adults or anyone who can read. It’s a good book and isn’t that all that matters. It’s realistic and true.

The characters aren’t models or young. Everyone’s flawed but errors don’t make love disappear.

The story in this book is an ageless romance–not as a romance for every age group more like the characters aren’t young adults–people screw up as in life, screw-ups hurt, they burn and melt the depth of your heart. But they don’t just end every other emotion. They rot form the inside out. But they’re not black holes to suck in every other emotion you had been feeling.

So we run, run from the pain and the lasting fire. We run from the hurt, from the lasting blazes, and from the new tinge of fire. Until we find some water. Something soothing and cooling to heal our ashed lungs and hearts. A drink of water to rinse out the pain and sorrow from the past. One strong enough to return to the original blaze.

If you’re in to that sort of thing, yeah, that was my segue from that poetry, read this book.

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