The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Do you know mystery, and thrill? Colorless joy and outstanding mysteries? I’m betting you don’t. We live in an era where everything has been discovered, we know everything, even if we can’t solve anything. This era has twists around every corner, whether you’re in the circus or not. The outside world is not as you see it, those close friends aren’t what you think. Those friends are conspirators to a plan, a plan involving the world we know. A plan that pushes people together in ways no one can comprehend, with forces no one can move, and people no one can lose. A circus is the only thing we can comprehend. We still have those, there not as elaborate, or interesting, or bigger then we can manage. There exactly as we see it. The night circus is not. It is a circus, in the actual definition of the word. Traveling company of acrobats, trained animals, and clowns that give performances, typically in large tents, in a series of different places. Acrobats, well the Night Circus does have a very social acrobat Tsukiko, she was part of the circus forever and always. Bending in shapes that no one would believe without seeing it for themselves, mixing the patterns of words etched on her skin to form new spells and binding charms. Since Tsukiko is more then she lets on, and if I tell you it will ruin the surprise, so I’m going to stick with the word special when referring to her. She plays a key role in this book, even if you don’t see of hear form her for a few chapters. However, Celia Bowen is the main character, she lived a life that no one’s ever heard of. It’s like Cinderella, with a finishing twist to the happily ever after. The evil parent, her father, made her work for her room. Made her work for his entertainment. And made her be put in a position that no one should ever have to be in. Marco Alisdair had a similar experiment. Sadly he never knew he biological parents, just a man, a man with a name. A name that wasn’t his, but a name that was used by him. The name was Alexander, he wore a grey suit. He was more mysterious then prosperous, Celia’s performing con father, you never knew where he would be. You never knew how he’d know you or see you. You just knew him. A figment of your imagination, a curl that blows past your face, he plays God. He knew when Marco wanted him, he knew when something was sent to him, and he knew when prosperous turned into a figment. A figment of nothingness. He became what he always wanted to be God, with no power of control. Just something people think they saw, something people thinks talks, and something people think has power. Can we be sure he’s not, no, but we can be sure that he became Alexander x10. Celia becomes an illusionist at the Night Circus as requested by her father, Marco becomes Chandresh’s assistant as requested by Alexander. Chandresh is who thought of the circus, created the circus, and built the main elements of it. But, Celia builds and controls a majority of the workings, Marco adds and places the power of the circus in a special container. The fire. We all know how powerful fire is, it feeds and feeds of everything around it and grows and grows to everything. Fire is the light of the Night Circus, and the Night Circus is the fire or the world.

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