The Final Two in the Lady Mechatronic Series

figured you guys were getting tired of my endless Ramblings on every single book in the Lady Mechatronic series. So, instead I finished the series and am combining the two reviews into one! Cue the audience applause, and the magician’s assistant going Ta-Da!

Anyway, the fifth book was Lady Mechatronic and the Bordeaux Locked Room Mystery. By this time the series has begun to get a little repetitive with all of drama they get themselves into. There was a small change in the end without the happy and just ending, there was just an ending. Allowing for further adventures, and selfish characters getting their way.

The sixth and final book, Lady Mechatronic and the Steampunked Pharaoh. Truthfully, the character relationships between one another is admirable by the way they monitor and care for one another. Honestly, every reader knew how the book was going to end. But, if we are being honest with ourselves we all wanted the fairytale ending, it’s the little girl inside of us coming out.

One thing I know is that this series is an acquired taste, it may not be for everyone. I understand that,

those without the taste can totally disagree with my reviews, so be it.

I cannot say this is a must read, but it is a nice quick series if you want to take a break from those books that tire you mentally, emotionally, or even physically from carrying it around in your bag so you have it whenever you get that free moment to spare to gorge upon.

Have you guys read any other quick series that your recommend? What do you think about taking a break from the serious side of literature?

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