The Commander’s Desire by Jennette Green

No guns, no computers, and definitely no finger scans. But, it was found to be harder for Elwytha to commit treachery against an enemy kingdom in the name of her deceased brother Thor. From the moment she got their, her knives were taken, her privacy was gone, and she was completely followed. No hall of the enemy palace could she study without Commander behind her. No walk could she take without a meeting being called with the Prince. And no knives to be found for her upcoming battle. However, as the days go by her plan seems less honorable. It went from being honorable revenge to treacherous murder in the mind of Elwytha. She continued to fight with it from day one, and fought literary wars with everyone around her. Including her betrothed the Commander, the one thought to be the murderer of Elwytha’s favorite brother and former King. Commander found her war of words very interesting, and continued to bate them. But, when discovering Elwytha’s motive for hating him so much, he sets on a journey to prove his innocence? However, can he be innocent if their is no proof to be found of his innocence only his guilt. And what of the Prince, suspicious of Elwytha from day 1. Protective of the Commander as well. And when his is actually King continues to refer to himself as Prince? Things don’t make sense to Elwytha, and her confusion about her planned treachery doesn’t help matters. Not even she knows how this plan will end. Or her older brother and now king of her kingdom Richard, who laid the plan in the first place. But, Elwytha begins to notice paranoid signs in Richards writings and words. She seems to not have faith in anyone including herself, playing games on a womb were never part of the world outsight of war. Who would have though she would have sought the days when she was in battle, seeing every card laid out on the table much easier then the false deceptions of the Commander’s Desire.

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