Stephanie Plum Series Mission

The long awaited update on my mission to finish before the next book comes out. Please hold the applause for after the post, thank you and enjoy your night. Before I get to anything, here’s the big kicker. My due date is now July, the twenty first book in the series releases. You can already pre-order it! Crunch time, am I right?

Back to my mission progress, as you all know life really does get in the way of pastimes, like reading, so I am not where I want to be but where I am. Also as

you guys know, I have read other books during as well. If you don’t believe me please scroll down and see the dates and various other reviews I have done. Anyway, I have finished Two for the Dough and Three to Get Deadly, and am now currently working on Four to Score. So about 17 more books to go! I wish this game had multiple lives.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but let me say it again if I have. Janet Evancovich’s style of writing really is not that unique or pretty. It is blunt and short. I believe the reason that readers flock to her is because she writes down the cynicism we are all thinking. Another reason is that her characters are great. It’s not the writing, it’s the character. Really, the only reason I keep reading these stories is because I want to know what happens to Stephanie Plum. A newbie Bonds Enforcin
g Agent who has the stomach the size of a football player, a mouth equal to pirates, a hate of exercise, a crazy family, hot guys, a gun, a tazer, pepper spray, big bags, seductive heals, and the teenage thought process. So all around, it’s what we’re aiming for in characters, or at least desiring for out characters to have.

I’ll keep you guy’s posted on my process, but for now my process is slow and hectic. Wish me luck.

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