Lady Mechatronic on the Cannibal island (Lady Mechatronic and the Steampunked Pirates #3) by Arabella Wyatt

So this may be my longest Rambling that has been cohesive and confusing about one topic. So award time to me, Longest Ramble ever goes to Caitlin Rambling (Please insert authoritative voice here). But now, I finally have an answer. So your long awaited answer is finally here, thank you for your patience. (That was a very redundant speech or build-up, I apologize for that).

I recommend this book, full-heartedly to any historical fiction lovers, romance chasers, action and adventure wannabes, science fiction stalkers, and steampunk wearers. Read this series.

I believe my confusion and continued need to know the ending is what makes this a good book. If it gave it away in the first few pages, then that’s just too easy. We all know books like that, when we know how it is going to end but we read it in hopes of a change, spur-of-the-moment catch-your-eye, 360 rotation, anything that will humor us in the mind-blowness of the end. However, I’m pretty sure it just fueled our smug-self of self-importance and intelligence.

Anyway, back on the topic. This book may be short, but it is packed with unexpectedness, adventure, unknown, and anything your heart could desire. Let’s not forget your eyes, the words and descriptions may not be poetry or Shakespeare content, but your eyes will swim through the perfectly placed adjectives, lace through the well-understood nouns, and dive into the sea of language.

Have you read this series, and what are your thoughts? Leave your ideas in the comment section below. Ramble to you later!

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