Lady Mechatronic and the Steampunked Pirates by Arabella Wyatt

Well it is an interesting take on the rising theme steampunk, not what I’m used to, and for once in my life my Rambling will have no actual clear cut idea. I cannot yet decide whether I like this form or not.

So my opinions on this book will be short and sweet, since I completed it in less then two hours. It’s an interesting take and the story line is new.

My intrigue has motivated me to begin the second book in the series, I hope by the end of that book I will have finally made up my mind on whether or not to recommend this book.

Have you ever been indifferent or unsure about a book or series your reading? Have you ever continued a book just in hopes of making up your mind? Share your views, ideas, and comments in the comment section below. I’m interested in your thoughts. Ramble to you next time.

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