Lady Mechatronic and the Steampunked Kraken (Lady Mechatronic and the Steampunked Pirates #4) by Arabella Wyatt

So, most of this series so far has had a happy ending. But, this one not so much. It is more of a cliff hanger ending, which is different. No idea whether or not I like it, I guess it’s like every cliff hanger you get pissed off and it really matters which path is goes on.

Also, Lady Mechatronic is acting more and more human. This is the book, probably the first one so far in the series which you could create a diagnostic essay on human nature, culture, so on and so forth. Is love–or really any emotions–what causes us to act the way we do? We really can’t create any opinions on what is or is not the best solution to problems and the events of the day-to-day grind. We do what we want.

At least that is what I a

m taking out of this book, and personally I take it as a compliment. I do not want to be a computer. Emotionless, soulless, uninquisitive, and loose the magic of the unknown. Where would my imagination be? My Rambling would probably be categorized as run-on sentences with incongruent relationships to the previous statements. I would fail being a computer. I’m proud of that fact.

“I” beep “Am” beep “A” beep “Robot” beet. [Insert whirring and buzzing noises here]. It may be fun to pretend to be a robot when we’re little. But what about now?

Would you prefer to be a human wracked with emotions or a robot? What did you take away from this book? Will you read this series? Any other mind-blowing ideas you have, leave them in the comment section below. Ramble to you later!

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