Jennifer Donnelly

I want to take a moment to discuss an author, who I find to be wildly under-appreciated: Jennifer Donnelly.

I know I can’t possibly be the only aficionado of historical fiction, I love historical fiction, most of my personal library is made up of historical fiction novels. Which is why, I am always shocked when numerous people do not know who Jennifer Donnelly is either.

I received the book Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly as a Christmas present about four years ago. This book was absolutely incredible; the characters are interesting, the plot is attention grabbing, and the writing itself is beautiful. I didn’t feel as though I was forcing my eyes upon the words to continue the story, since my eyes consumed every printed word on the pages. After that book, I was hooked.

With my new author obsession at my side, I did my research. Found out she had a trilogy previously published. I went to my local Barnes and Noble (really where else can I go now of days) and bought the first one. I completely and totally fell in love with this series and characters, I breezed through it. The Rose series, is historical fiction with breakthrough characters and tales in the late 1800s, starting in England. I recommend this book to any historical fiction fans, romance fans, or action adventure fans.

What are your thoughts on Jennifer Donnelly and do you have any underrated authors? Leave a comment below.

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