Girls To The Front by Sara Marcus

Imagine this, 1989 USA, you’re a woman without a say. Which route would you take, the rebel one or the political one to get your way? If politics weren’t making any progress, and the rebel road seemed like a more populated path to travel down, then which one would you take? If your saying political one, then you are kidding yourself. I know thats a lie, and so do you, even if you won’t admit it. So, the riveting tales of some extraordinary girls might make you go a little easier on your self. One that I personally find the most astonishing is the one of Kathleen Hanna, she was 19 years old when she boarded her bus to take her into the stomach of the beast. She met her idle and was pushed into whole other business from writing to singing, all in one semester of her provisional Olympia College. The first band she was a part of was called Amy Carter, after the 39’th president’s daughter, trying to make a statement huh? However that band was not enough for her, so when the officials (*cough *cough, Campus Police) removed some contemporary photography she did on her views of the modern girl, she opened a little art gallery. The area was now called Reko Muse, an Olympian East Side Garage had just been converted into a garage, just like that, sadly the art industry wasn’t moving as well as the music one was during the time. So, from this garage art gallery, it became a music and art gallery. A cheap place for people to pay to see music, and then car-ooze the walls at the art being displayed at the time. And things picked up, probably more then they expected, the area became a real nightlife spot, booking some real famous acts like Nirvana. Following Kathleen’s few bands, friends, relationships, organizations, and career really puts the fight of girl power in perspective. It also portrays the rapidly moving feeling of genius between girls that spread from area to area, dust to dawn, and state to state, right down into rebels to politics. You follow Sara Marcus’s words depicting The True Story of the Riot GRRRL Revolution. After you read this book, and hear some of the awful things many women had gone through, and what they did to become loud enough for the other sex to hear them, I think you might finally admit that you weren’t the law abiding citizen in the other life, but the non-color wearing, pirate swearing mouth of a women the rest of us were.

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