Extreme Last Minute Holiday Gifts (Adolescents Edition)

For those teens in your life

1.  The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

    • A whole new circus and world for readers to travel. With two great complex characters separated by countries but connected by line of work and upbringing. And is that a possible romance budding? A storyline everyone should devour at least once. Hey, if they read it more than once, sounds like you’re king of the Holiday Gifts!

2.  A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

    • For that supernatural fan in your family, more like the un-cliche not over fangirled Twilight. Let her or he be ruler of their friends with bringing this trilogy up. Wereworlves, Vampires, Witches, and Romance? For those Doc Who fans, it even has time traveler!

3.  Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

    • If all else fails, the classics are always something a teen should read. They have an everlasting affect on teens when they read them now. And, who hates Pride and Predjudice? Even the most bitter females love Mr. Darcy and the most sporty males adore Elizabeth. These characters set the standard for life relationships!

 4.  Death Comes to Pemberley by P. D. James

    • This must be a tag along if one is gifting Pride and Prejudice. About two Christmas’ past, P.D. James created this murder mystery sequel to Pride and Prejudice that resolves any undying questions you have about the characters and situations. The writing is even crafted similarly to Austen’s flowery structure with pungent diction!

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