Elizabeth Camden’s Trilogy

First Thoughts: Mind addictive! Incredible. The trilogy I am speaking of isn’t truthfully a legit trilogy, where each book is a direct sequel. These books are only loosely connected, and you don’t need one to read the other. I read the last one first because I didn’t know it was part of a series, then I accidentally read–when I say accidentally I mean accidentally–the book before it. I bought the book after reading the blurb–obviously I found it interesting–but I didn’t see any connection between the two. Until I was one fourth in the book. I know I haven’t mentioned the titles yet, I’m trying to build the suspension. These books are really quite amazing–I read each in about two days.

Lady of Bolton Hill and Against the Tide.

These are the titles and I recommend them full heartedly.

If you love historical fiction, adventure, romance, bravery, courage, strong women, and innovative men. I won’t say more than that, I am not giving any of these books away. Go read them, right away!

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