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Not enough people read them. Yes, I said read them. Not watch them. I know there is an influx of superhero movies and tv shows. But if you know anything about comic books, you know that the DC Universe is clinging to the Batman franchise. At least they were, now with Ben Afflack, we’ll see the Titanic finally sink after its many minutes afloat. Say what you want, I don’t like Ben Afflack. I don’t know him as a person, but his acting, I do not admire. Or applaud. DC, wake-up, you’ve got some great potential in characters, like Suicide Squad, but what about Huntress? She has a great moral and confidence for younger woman and her story is invigorating. Where’s that movie? Perhaps hire the Dark Knight director for every single one of your movies, the only director you’ve had that has been successful.Marvel, Marvel has mastered the movie franchise on comic books. Almost every movie they have made has been successful, but I just wish they would stop rebooting character stories that already have a movie. But I’m not quite sure where their transition from Spiderman, Fantastic Four, and now Ant-Man was. 

Anyway, back to my point. Comic Books, they’re books. They’re that great change-up short story or literary soap opera, To Be Continued. But, here’s my Cheat Code List of Comic Books for the nerd in your life.

    1. For that shy girl in your life that flirts with comic books, Huntress is for her.                                                            Daughter of a huge mob family that runs Italy to Gotham, she grew-up watching her mother mistreated by her temperamental father. Her only escape into the comforting grasp of her faith. When another family branch of the mob orders the death of her family, she not only looses her Cross, but her father, mother, and brother in cold blood
      around the family dinner table. She then goes on to grow-up in a relative household much like her own, taking on her cousin as her Older Brother, her tutor as her Mother figure, and her Uncle as her bastard father. When she was finally 21, she has come to the age for her inheritance. One she would use, to hunt down the relative that ordered the kills and the killer himself. A journey that would take her to closure, a friend of Batman’s, taking on the entire Mob, and going against her traditional Italian ways. She vows to never be like her mother. To never be dependent on a man, to never be weak. To fight back for everything she believes in in Woman’s Rights. After her origin story, her comics continue, taking out criminals that disrespect Women such as Sex Traffickers. 
    2. For your nasty mind friend or family member, Deadpool is for them.                                                            Imagine ADHD, a high sex drive, adolescent hunger, and prepubescent humor all mixed into one. Deadpool has an origin very similar to Wolverine. Came from that secret warehouse, from all of the  experiments he doesn’t have claws like Wolverine, but the regenerating factor. So he just can’t die. Shoot him, wait a couple of seconds, 

      “Chimichangas,” and repeat. However, from all of the experiments, Deadpool’s outer appearance has been ravished. Through a majority of comic book pages, you’ll see Deadpool has only two costume changes: Commando and Superando. Deadpool is a raging sex lunatic, loves heroines in his area because he loves to stare at their chest. Deadpool makes those nasty sexual jokes that you hate to laugh at because you feel like a Middle Schooler, but then you do, because, they’re funny. You will laugh more at Deadpool and his confidence more than you laugh at an obvious over-compensator. Plus, he’s got that marketing outfit, body, and equipment. Just check-out his swords. 

    3. Your Old School Classmate, Steampunk is there for you. Introducing, Lady Mechanika.                                                                                               Joe Benitez, the creator of this character, just completed her origin story, but since I’m awaiting my final comic to be delivered to me, I don’t even know her full story. Here’s what I do know. Lady Mechanika awakens into self-consciousness one day and escapes from her confusing surroundings. Once she has escaped, she discovers half of her limbs have been replaced with early nineteenth century machinery. Clogs and wheels and all of

      that, to a much more advanced level as any Steampunk fan knows. For the last period of her life she has been trying to track down her creator, who did this to her, and who is still doing it to innocent girls? Going from clue-to-clue with her drunk, genius assistant, go from cities, to towns, to land, to grand hot air balloons. Being completely obsessed with this series for three years, waiting and waiting for production to finally make the next edition. Thank God for any of you who get this comic now, it seems production has finally fallen upon a stable delivery. Her origin story is complete an now onto her series of mysteries. Which I am also waiting got that delivery as well, but I love this character and storyline. So if you like steampunk, get this comic.

    4. For those, don’t change it, change scares me, friends and relatives, you know what I’m gonna suggest, the classics: Superman and Wonder Woman.                                                                                                                Having grown-up on Wonder Woman, I have a nostalgic love for her. But, I was even more impressed with the reboot, where she had pants, and where her morals and ethics 

      weren’t as solid from the beginning as they were at her character’s creation. She began as naive and vengeful and grew to learn, you actually saw character development in this one. Something you haven’t seen before with Wonder Woman. There are even projects in the works with her, but I hope they follow this model. Superman, superman never ever ever changes. His underwear has been the same shade of red as Covergirl Hair dye commercials. The Wonder Woman Odyssey, I highly recommend it. The reboot Wonder Woman has been waiting for.

If this blog post does well, we’ll see more of these Ramblings in the future.

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