Between the Lines by Samantha Van Leer and Jodi Piccoult

Everyone’s had that one character, right? Where your not just hearing thoughts and talks, but being talked too as well. What happens when its reversed, and the characters want to know your life. Or want to become a part of your life, out of their flesh holding chains which are pages. Well that’s the life of Prince Oliver, who has played his role in the book millions and millions of times for any one person who opens his story. He never thought he would have the chance of anything different, let alone escaping. Until the day the book makes a mistake, and one dedicated reader discovers it. However, this one dedicated reader isn’t a three-year old who loves the fairytale, but she’s a high school junior named Delilah. She doesn’t fit in at her school of rich spoiled brats, since she spends her days watching her mother slave over job after job for them to have a good life. So, she spends most of her time in books escaping the morality of reality, but when she found this book she became hooked. And when the book found Delilah, Prince Oliver became hooked as well. Prince Oliver was written as a character who has been protected by his mother all of his life because of his father’s young death by evil hands, so he became a smart coward. But, that’s not who the real Oliver is, so to speak, he is not scared or in love with his princess. Plus, he is most definitely not contempt with his life in this book, and with Delilah’s help, they might actually make a jail brake. Even if Delilah wasn’t so forthcoming to a talking illustration, she handles the situation well, and it takes both of their universes’ to come up with ideas. Idea after idea, and back to the drawing board they work, and before realizing how perfect their world is becoming with the other one part of each others worlds, they get drawn closer and closer into the fairytale of their own.

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